Monday, 2 February 2009

Morris: A Life With Bells On


Maggie May said...

Was surprised to see you weren't in it!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Sam
Just passing through.
Saw the Morris Dancers a couple of days ago on the video and it reminded me of a joke!
Firstly, I hope you are not a Morris Dancer, secondly if you are I hope you have a really cool sense of humour.
Second thoughts maybe a bit risky -you may be a Morris Dancer, so maybe not.

Cool blog. Regards

Sam said...

Hi Ed
I am indeed a Morris Dancer, and believe me there aren't many people doing that who don't have a sense of humour so fire away with the jokes!
You may be thinking of a quote rather than a joke:

"You should try everything once except incest and morris dancing"

Sir Thomas Beecham is the likely culprit for having said that but there are several other candidates too. I believe the original quote used "folk dancing" though.

Another Morris related quote:

"The definition of a gentleman is one who can play the accordion but chooses not to"

I loved your "Blundering Brown Bankrupts Britain" post btw, great stuff!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Can't resist. I'm following you from now on. Funny how Morris Dancing can bring two people together. Eddie

Cath said...

That video was brilliantly executed! Hilarious.
A great sense of humour you have there Sam. Any chance of us ever seeing you doing a dance with your group?

Like the Wessex flag too - reminds me of the Welsh a bit! (sorry)
And I love the profile comments. :)

Sam said...

Hate to disappoint you folk but I didn't make the video! It's a trailer for a film called Morris: A Life With Bells On that currently doesn't have a distributor so I did my bit in helping to promote it. I'm going to see it in a few weeks with my Morris group in a village hall in Melksham.
I'm on a few YouTube videos so perhaps I'll post one.