Tuesday, 29 April 2008

3 Things I Can't Explain To My Mum

I have been tagged by Moments from Suburbia to name 3 Things I Can't Explain To My Mum. Well obviously there are hundreds of things I can't say to my mum but I take this to mean things I just can't get across. So here goes!

1) I can't explain to my mum that her blog is not on her computer!

2) I can't explain to my mum that she has not been 'blocked out' when a page won't load.

3) I can't explain to my mum in times of duress that she should follow the wonderful advice she gave me all those years ago and repeat the mantra over and over again 'I am a fighter and I won't give in'. There again in times of duress I can't explain anything!

Now I have decided, rightly or wrongly not to tag anyone with this for 2 reasons - firstly because I'm quite new to this and secondly, in Maggie May's post My Mother while reading the comments I discovered that the bloggers that I had planned to tag had recently lost their mothers so it didn't seem appropriate.

So, an open tag for anyone who feels like - name 3 Things You Can't Explain To Your Mum


Suburbia said...

Hi Sam
That was funny! I have to say when I passed it on I had the same worry as you regarding people losing their mothers. That is one reason why I picked you (notjust to be cruel!). I did check the other 2 had mothers that they were still incontact with too. Sometimes losing someone (not just in death)is only temporary but still upsetting.

As for your daughter, sometimes I feel 3 inside, don't you?!!

Sam said...

I sometimes feel I am 'growing up' with my daughters so I certainly act like I'm 3! What can you expect from a Morris Dancer though!

Liz said...

What do you mean - her blog's not on her computer? Of course it is!

You're not a morris dancer?!

Metamorphic Sweet Wood Irene said...

I don't have a mother anymore, but that doesn't mean that there aren't things I could not explain to her now in my head as I am thinking about her, so I may take you up on your challenge. It may make for quite a post,actually. Mmm, I can here a primal scream coming up...

She's like the wind said...

Hi Sam came over via your mother. Knowing your mother through this blogosphere I thought this was really funny. Might give this one a go.

Good for you staying at home, it's ridiculous you get nothing and yet people who have never worked a day in their lived get everything - oh don't start me!

Nice to meet you. xx