Friday, 4 April 2008

Meet the Mays

Well since I seem to have an audience I should introduce our motley crew!
There's my wife Kaiko, my two pirate daughters Amber & Millie, my dad Harry and of course my mum, troublemaker extraordinaire and compulsive blogger Maggie May. For half a year or so we have all been living together in relative harmony disturbed only by the grouchy mutterings of my dad and the swarm of rats living in our kitchen ceiling. On my dad's part most of his mutterings are due to my mum's blog addiction which is probably all my fault but I do at least have a solution to the rat problem - we're getting 2 pet rats. Not really a solution but the idea is we will all grow to like rats and will no longer care about the squatters in the ceiling! Will it work or is it just another one of my mighty ideas? I'm not sure if we'll ever find out though as my dad has refused to allow rats in the house - of course my mum's reply of "I wasn't asking for your permission" lead to some heated discussions! Her idea of a fair solution was to ask her grandchildren (all four of them) to vote on whether or not to buy pet rats - so far it is 3-1 in favour!

Since she became a blogger my mum has undergone quite a personality change - she has become extremely assertive! From where I'm standing it is a very positive change and I feel quite proud of her! I don't think my dad shares the enthusiasm too much though, especially since he has to do a lot of his own cooking now! Gone are the days when 'dinner's in the fridge' meant there was a prepared meal on a plate - it now means 'ingredients for dinner are evenly distributed in the fridge, freezer and cupboard'. I think he blames me for his predicament and I'm sure he is looking forward to my clan moving out so his life can return to "normal". The damage is done though - it's going to take a lot more than a grumpy husband to stop Maggie May!


imac said...

Hi, your Mother sent me, David sent her, and so on it

All you have to do is get your Dad to blog, get him to look at a blog that deals with his hobby, Fishing,Art,cooking-lol, Photography, plane,trains, ect and b4 you know it, he'll be blogging.

Maggie May said...

There's an award waiting for you over at my place if you don't mind sharing with the ladies!

Sam said...

Hi imac - thanks for dropping by. Good advice but as my dads main hobby has always been sleeping in front of the tv there wouldn't be much to write about!

Mum - Thanks for the award but could I change it to one with 4 men drinking beer?

imac said...

Hi Sam, Whats this Morris dancing then??lol.

Dw(dear wife) and I went to see some Morris Dancing - dont know if you tracked my blog far enuf down to see or not.

If you Mum had Picasa and loaded her photos on there its so esay from there to put them in your blog.- there are simple instructions on Picasa.

Goood luck to you both with your blogs.

Maggie May said...

Yes, change it to four rats having a laugh, if you want!

the mother of this lot said...

Please don't tell me Harry's grumpy - you'll shatter my illusions.

(And believe me, I haven't got many left).

Omykiss said...

so ... how's the morris dancing going? When you practise do you have to tie the ribbons and bells around your trouser legs? Just wondering ;)

Maureen said...

Hah! Sounds like quite the clan... are you sure you all don't live in a TV sitcom or something???

I'll have to wander over to Maggie May's place next.

I'll be back!

Sweet Irene said...

We sure appreciate you teaching your mum the finer qualities of blogging as we can tell she has become a real addict and we do enjoy her so much. I hope you will become a regular contributor also and that we will get to know you and your opinions as well. I am looking forward to that!

Bina said...

Yes, I found you at your mom's blog, and I just found your mom's blog via her leaving a comment at MY blog! LOL

Okay, pet rats, to ward off the rats in the ceiling. Here is a story.

I grew up very poor, in Ohio. We lived about a block from the river and we had really big river rats. The cats would kill them as they could, but usually we had to put out poison and traps.

Okay, so someone gave me a pet hamster. I LOVED that little guy. He ATTRACTED the rats to MY room because of his food! So, if you want MORE rats, and you want those nasty non-pet rats to actually start seeking your pet rat food... well, you get the picture!

But I have to admit, I had a friend with a pet rat, and he was the COOLEST thing. He was always on her shoulder. She rarely kept him in his cage, unless he wasn't at home, or it was bed time.

Suburbia said...

I love reading your mums blog. My husband has also become a 'blogging widower', it hasn't gone down too well!
Keep up yours though, its good to read!

Sam said...

imac - I don't think I'm ready to share photos of me morris dancing with the whole world!

the mother of this lot - sorry to shatter your ilusions but he his a grumpy git! A nice one though ;-)

Omykiss - not for practicing as it makes too much noise! I haven't worn mine yet but my kids love 'em!

Maureen - a bit like The Osbournes without the fame and fortune!

Sweet Irene - I will write as much as possible but since I became a stay-at-home-dad (subject of next post I think) I have very little spare time or energy!

Bina - I shudder at the though of river rats in the house! Pet rats are so cool though and I hope we get some.

Suburbia - I just left a comment on your 'back from holiday' post. I suggest your husband starts his own blog!

Anonymous said...

Sam, are you kidding?! "While I Was Sleeping" is a great blog name! Get your dad to read some of Thurber's, "Walter Mitty" stories then start blogging! The comic possibilities are endless!

Sam said...

quilldancer - fantastic idea! I shall run that by him when he wakes up!