Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Quick Year

Well it's been a year and 26 days since my last post and a year and 20 days since my divorce - one of the many reasons I didn't feel like writing anything. After all there is enough doom and gloom in the world without my adding to it!

Well I am in the mood to add to it! So be warned, a grumpy git this way comes......


Maggie May said...

That last post was a wonderful one and helped to get me through chemo.

It has been difficult for me not to blog about the things that have happened in your (my ) family. Obviously it is up to you what you write (if anything) about it but all I can say is.... that blogging/writing helped me through last years difficulties. Maybe that is a woman thing, I don't know.
I can only look at things from my own perspective.
Good to see you back on the blog.Hope writing does help you.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Suburbia said...

Good to see you back. Sorry you have had a tough time, what a year huh?

Mary G said...

Sometimes I just can't find a theme to post, Sam, even when my life is serene. And big event leave me wordless. Feel free to grump - that's what blogs are for.

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Sam...I went back one post and read your previous blog....and I must tell you that reading about your sweet Mom, Maggie...and how much she has helped you brought a lump to my throat.
I came here from Maggie's blog....and wanted to leave a smile here on yours...and hope that just like a flame from one candle can light another candle, perhaps one smile can brighten one moment...and that light travels on.
I send you a smile...and add a P.S.
P.S. Grumpy is OK, too!

Sam said...

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement :)

I'll try not to wallow too much in my grumpiness!

Clare Dunn said...

Hi, Sam!

Welcome Back! (even tho, until today, I did not know you had left...)

Just met Maggie, and Eddie, and they led me to you.

You have permission to vent any types of grumpiness within my earshot. Any time.

Good to 'meet' you...

xoxoxo, cd

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Sam
Life can be a sod sometimes - never is kind all the time but let's hope life omproves for you, Maggie and the whole family in 2011 and beyond. Together let's make it happen.
Glad to see you back in BlogLand.
How did ya used to address me? "Nunckie Noo" ,meaning Uncle Ed folks LOL

SandyCarlson said...

Bring it on!

Lakeland Jo said...

someone else who had a horrible year in 2010.... sorry to hear it Sam. Popped over from Maggie's. Will come over again XX Look forward to your blog posts

TechnoBabe said...

Sorry to hear about the changes going on with you. Perhaps writing about it on your blog will help you heal and move on to a healthy life.

Working Mum said...

Welcome back and sorry for the difficult time you've had. Hopefully you will be able to blog about more cheerful aspects of your life really soon.

Sam said...

I will try to write some things that don't induce mass wrist cutting! I do agree that writing about it helps - more soon